Pay By Bank: Simple and Direct Bank Payments that Save up to 90% in fees.

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A payment solution that puts your business and customers first.

Kartera works alongside your existing payment gateway, helping to reduce your dependency on them and reduce fees. Kartera simplifies the payment process for your company by providing you with the tools needed to accept payments, manage payouts, and onboard merchants, allowing you to focus on growing revenue.

Our open APIs make integrating with your existing e-commerce or app payment flows easy, and we handle all the compliance for you.

With Kartera, you can enjoy the benefits of a payment solution without the hassle. Our platform is designed to be easy to use, flexible and secure. Our low processing fees make accepting online payments more affordable than ever.

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A payment solution that puts your business and customers first.
Virtual Card Issuance & New Revenue Streams
Virtual Card Issuance & New Revenue Streams

Grow your business with Direct Debit Payments

Your business's new best friend, Kartera, offers a smarter, more customer-centric way to process and accept payments. We partner with you to give your customers the fastest, most secure, and most reliable way to pay. Our Pay By Bank payment solution is designed to provide you with an easy-to-use and secure payment method. Our powerful platform allows businesses that offer e-commerce, mobile app payment flows, or POS systems (Point of Sale systems) to implement a payment system that grows your business by reducing your processing fees by up to 90%. Use this as a new method of payment that compliments your existing one or as your primary payment method.

  • Our pay-by-bank feature allows customers to make a direct bank transfer using ACH or RTP and bypasses the need for card networks and traditional payment gateways.
  • Reduces your rates and saves you money on transaction fees.
  • Your customer can earn reduced rates at purchase or explore cashback rewards, increasing AOV (Average Order Value) by up to 48% and encouraging repeat business by up to 82%.
  • Convenient for users with no need to carry payment cards physically.
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Pay By Bank Vs. Credit and Debit Card Payments

Pay by Bank Credit CardDebit
Payment Processing Fees 0.5% to 1%2.5% to 5%2.5% to 5%
Access to funds Immediately3-6 business days3-6 business days
Payment Failure Rate 0.01%15%15%
Loyalty Rewards Use Fee Savings to Fund your Own Reward ProgramIssuing Bank Only & Card networkNo Rewards
Fraud Protection Proprietary active fraud protection eliminating fraud before it happensNone only consumer fraud protection availableNone - only consumer fraud protection available

Pay by Bank keeps your customers happy and your costs low

We offer a powerful payment feature that allows you to enable ACH/bank transfer payments on your platform. Pay by Bank is not meant to replace Ayden, Stripe, Square, or others. Instead, we complement existing payment gateways by providing an alternative, cost-effective, and efficient payment method. Not only will pay by bank reduce your processing fees and processing items. But it also allows you to layer in rewards for your customers. This means you can offer incentives such as points, cashback, and discounts for repeat business and increase customer retention.

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Pay by Bank keeps your customers happy and your costs low
Grow your business with Wallets and Payments

Real-Time Payments

We’re all about instant capital access. We don’t think you should wait days to get your money, and we don’t think your funding should be tied up when it can work for you instead. That’s why we remove the typical 3-5 day settlement period and allow you to get that capital to work for you immediately by receiving real-time payments this means you can reinvest into your business immediately from a sale.

According to the World Bank, as of 2020, there were more than 50 countries with active real-time payment systems, with many more countries in the process of implementing them.

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Pay by Bank unique Advantages for Different Sectors

Instant payments have become a game-changer for different types of businesses, providing advantages specific to their respective industries.

Gig economy workers

Need timely and flexible payment options to manage their finances. Real-time payments allow these workers to get paid instantly for completed tasks, giving them faster access to their earnings.


Businesses benefit from real-time payments by offering instant refunds, personalized cash back and rewards, and reducing cart abandonment rates.


Can improve table turnover rates and reduce wait times by accepting real-time payments, enabling customers to pay and leave quickly. Real-time payments also allows for accessing capital quickly.

Retail businesses

Can benefit from Pay by Bank's online and offline payment experience, providing customers with a seamless payment process both in-store and online. In addition, merchants can utilize Pay by Bank's cost savings to establish personalized rewards programs, increasing customer loyalty and boosting revenue.

Unlocking Business Benefits with Pay by Bank

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Revenue Uplift

Reduce your business payment processing fees by up to 90% with Pay by Bank. No interchange rates or assessment fees.
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Loyalty Rewards

Layer rewards for customers to offer incentives like points, cashback, and discounts for repeat business and boost customer retention.
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GMV & AOV Uplifts

Experience up to a 48% increase in AOV and up to 83% increase in repeat business with Pay by Bank.
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Instant Access to Capital

Pay by Bank enables real-time business operations, improves capital return-on-investment, and enhnaces cash flow management, with instant payment clearance.

Easy Merchant Onboarding

Register and Launch

Complete our onboarding KYB process so we can verify your business.

Your Branding

Build deep relationships with your customers by having your brand be part of your customer’s daily financial experience and delight them with rewards and incentives.

Customer Support

We pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer support, ensuring that our clients have a positive experience.

Calculate Incredible Cost Savings

Discover how much you could save each year with our fee savings calculator. Simply enter your current fees and transaction volume to see the potential annual savings.
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testimonial author
testimonial author


Significant yearly savings in processing fees

Kartera has allowed me to fund my own customer loyalty rewards with significant yearly savings in processing fees. The loyalty rewards program helped increase my repeat business by more than 50%

Fez Rismani
testimonial author


A valuable way in keeping my brand in the center

Kartera's payments are a valuable way in keeping my business at the center of the entire customer transaction. It was very easy to implement with my existing product and the Kartera team was here to help me every step of the way.

Amin Eskooch